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So which is what we did.

The result is a strange juxtaposition of cuteness and deadpan expressions as gamers stare disinterestedly at the world’s cutest kitties.

But still, absolutely an advancement more than cell phones.

Negreanu, Kenney, Deeb + Kittens

Incorporated in this picture weblog put up are Daniel Negreanu, Ebony Kenney, Shaun Deeb, Richard Seymour, Jon Turner, Isaac Haxton, Brandon Shack-Harris and Terrence Chan.

Click on on the shots under to get even larger variations.

Ebony Kenney2





Terrence chan2

Shack Harris

poker fan3

Cell phones have turn into an epidemic at the Environment Series of Poker and this year it is much more ubiquitous than at any time.

Players are on their cell phones at the table each time they are not in a hand, and often when they are. They’re seeking at their phones in the registration and payout strains, and many expend their breaks loitering in the hallway seeking at their cell phones.

Wouldn’t the globe be a far better place if we carried tiny kittens in our pockets and pulled them out every couple of minutes to pay back interest to them?

We can only think about if this was truly the scenario, you’d see a lot much more smiles at the tables as opposed to the useless-eyed stare of the cell telephone addict.

And kittens have many other pros more than cell phones. They don’t will need to be recharged, just fed a minimal kibble. They don’t provide terrible news and superficiality like social media and the internet.

They convey smiles to people’s faces as opposed to turning everybody into soul-fewer robots.

They’ll assistance you make friends. Practically everybody enjoys kittens and if they don’t it is a rather clear sign that you must not be friends with them.

And if you don’t have a card protector, just use a kitten.

Also kittens don’t turn into out of date, they just grow up and turn into cats which are also good to have all-around.

And if you like puppies more than kittens, don’t get worried. You could fully have a tiny puppy dog all-around and pull him or her out periodically to cheer your self up.

The base line is, don’t be frightened to let go of your cell telephone after in a while and interact with another living animal. It truly is good for your bodily, psychological, emotional and spiritual health and fitness and there are tons of kittens that will need a household.

You should not sense like you will need to stop at one kitten either. How many pockets do you have? That’s the proper amount of kittens to have, specifically while you might be actively playing poker.

So in closing: Kittens.

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