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Bowker folded quad sevens on the river of a #Ks #9s 7 x 7x #Ts board.

Bowker relayed the hand to and following they claimed it, it was right away satisfied with skepticism. 

He experienced to be messing with the stay reporters. Ideal? Who in their suitable minds would fold quads?

Seemingly, Bowker.

Quads Folded, Confirmed


Tim Reilly and other gamers at the table confirmed that Bowker folded the hand. Reilly also mentioned there ended up only two bets on the river. The previous bet finished in a clock call.

When the moment ticked down Bowker turned around two sevens and the table went wild. The only hand that could conquer him was precisely #Qs#Ts.

Though his opponent did not display, he mentioned he experienced it. Reilly believed him, way too, but we’ll never ever know for positive. 

Some folks reacted on Twitter indicating they’d go broke whenever with quads. Above the lengthy time period that is certainly the profitable strategy, but it is not necessarily often suitable.

Kyle Bowker

Kyle Bowker

This is the Principal Function. There is $eight million up for grabs and there is no lousy conquer jackpot. When you are carried out, you are carried out.

Not the Very first Time Quads Strike the Muck at WSOP


This is not the initially superior-profile quads to hit the muck at the WSOP. Back again in 2012, throughout the inaugural Major A person for A person Drop, Mikhail Smirnov folded quad eights on the river of a #Js#8c#7s#8s#Ks board.

Hitting quads is unlikely enough as it is. Shedding with quads will get you a jackpot in plenty of card rooms.

Folding quads encounter up at the WSOP appears to be to be a quadrennial occasion like the World Cup, besides possibly additional surprising.

Perhaps anyone will fold quad 6s encounter up in 2020.

With any luck , that time anyone will display the straight flush so the rest of the planet can prevent speculating.

But that may possibly destroy component of what makes poker so wonderful: the secret of incomplete data. 


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