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Back to my June Vegas trip.  The evening just after the story I told below, Lightning and I planned to engage in in a Tag Crew Event at Golden Nugget.  It was an thought that would have hardly ever transpired to me—I usually think of poker as an unique game—but Lightning observed the tournament a number of weeks right before he headed to Vegas and asked me if I would be fascinated in remaining his husband or wife.  Absolutely sure, why not?  Sounded like entertaining. I experienced practically nothing else planned for that night. I’d have possibly performed somewhere with him that evening in any case. Why not crew up?
I labored from my hotel area that working day, whilst he performed poker on the Strip.  At the designated time, I picked him up and we headed downtown.  It turned out that the generate to the Nugget was the most interesting element of the night.
You see, they are presently undertaking street construction on nearly every single avenue and every single freeway in Clark County.  That is not news.  In the umpteen a long time I’ve been likely to Vegas (just about usually by motor vehicle), I’m utilized to driving on streets that are remaining torn up for roadwork.  The most predictable point in Vegas is not me losing with pocket Kings, but that 95% of the streets I generate on will be in some state of repair (or disrepair).  It is one thing my buddy Norm and I noticed from the start of our Vegas excursions numerous a long time in the past.  They are continuously performing on the streets.  Just about every avenue.
I’ve normally claimed that I am specific that every single single resident of Las Vegas must operate for the Nevada Dept of Transportation, otherwise you can find no way they could be tearing up so numerous streets at once.  I’ve also claimed that if anyone can convey to me of a avenue in Vegas that is presently not undergoing roadwork, let me know, and I am going to go generate on it even though it would not get me exactly where I’m likely, just so I can expertise what it is like to generate on a non-torn up avenue.
Anyway, I’d read that they have been in the middle of a enormous redesign of the I-fifteen, the principal freeway that goes North/South through Vegas, that is just a mile or so west of the Strip.  I think it was underway when I was there very last, back in December, but given that I hardly ever went downtown that trip, and the entertaining didn’t start till you received close to downtown, I didn’t genuinely have to deal with it.
But this time I experienced planned on hitting the Nugget a number of situations, and I realized I’d come upon this roadwork.  The very first time I went there, it was daytime, and of class I utilized Google Maps to guideline me there. Google Maps is a godsend in L.A. targeted visitors. Occasionally I use it to just go a number of miles in circumstance it can give me an alternate route that avoids targeted visitors jams.  I was type of expecting it to convey to me to acquire floor streets, but no, it told me to acquire the standard route on the fifteen.  And so I did and boy, what a mess.  The targeted visitors mid-working day was not too poor, but the freeway was just a enormous fustercluck.  There have been construction autos almost everywhere, shut lanes, and targeted visitors cones almost everywhere to guideline you as a result of the non permanent lanes they experienced established up.  All those targeted visitors cones are usually entertaining since Vegas can be windy as hell and they tend to get blown all about the position, like into your lane of targeted visitors.

And given that the whole freeway in close proximity to downtown was remaining redesigned and the targeted visitors experienced been rerouted into these non permanent lanes, Google from time to time dropped me.  At any time have the expertise of Google Maps telling you to flip on a avenue to get on the freeway when you might be presently on the freeway?  Nicely that took place to me numerous situations.  “Flip left on Charleston for the onramp to I-fifteen.”  I was driving previous the Charleston exit on the fifteen at the time.  It didn’t give me assurance that it was giving me the finest route. Or that it would know if a street it preferred me to acquire was truly shut owing to construction.
But I designed it to the Golden Nugget and I designed it back to my hotel.  My future trip downtown was a few of days later on. This time I insisted that Google give me a route steering clear of the freeway.  Essentially I think it would have anyway—it was later on in the working day, through rush hour, and even without the need of street construction the fifteen very likely would have been too jammed to generate on.  But I experienced determined just after my very first trip downtown that I was likely to use floor streets from then on to get to the Nugget. But I was in for a surprise.  Because every single single avenue I was directed to generate on was remaining labored on.  In most scenarios, every single side avenue was minimized to 1 lane in possibly path with targeted visitors cones rerouting targeted visitors even worse than the freeway was rerouted.  I swear I didn’t generate on a single avenue that didn’t have targeted visitors cones, not to point out construction rigs midway blocking targeted visitors.
Finding there was poor adequate, but coming back was a nightmare.  I was directed to streets I’d hardly ever been on right before and they have been all remaining labored on.  It was dim and difficult to see the targeted visitors cones and non permanent street signals.  And then….properly I was driving on what should really have at least been a four lane avenue and 50 % the lanes have been shut, remaining labored on.  I arrived out of a tunnel to a targeted visitors light-weight and it absolutely sure looked I could just maintain likely in the lane I was in, which was clearly commonly the left lane of targeted visitors likely in the other path.  The light-weight turned environmentally friendly, and I began driving straight ahead.  And out of the corner of my eye I noticed a sign way, way about to the right that claimed, “Via targeted visitors maintain right.”  I hesitated and guessed that I experienced to go that way….way to the right of exactly where I was going….to generate on the correct side of the street.  As I did, so, I understood I was correct and if I hadn’t moved about at the very last moment I would have been driving on the mistaken side of the avenue!  Scary.  Later on, since of the non permanent signals and this kind of I missed my flip and finished up getting dropped in a element of town exactly where you genuinely do not want to get dropped in late at evening.
I was pissed.  So I did what you would be expecting me to do.  I went on Twitter the future morning and tweeted a number of option, semi-unpleasant feedback to the Nevada Dept of Transportation.  I claimed:  “So I tried using getting to Downtown Vegas through floor streets yesterday. Driving circumstances have been every single little bit as horrific as on the I-fifteen, maybe even even worse. Way to go, @nevadadot, way to go.”
They truly responded and advised that targeted visitors will only get even worse without the need of these “a lot needed improvements.”  I felt like telling them that I do not dwell in Vegas and will be lengthy absent by the time they are finished—and I know that as before long as they are finished, they’re going to be setting up some new undertaking that will be even even worse. They advised I obtain the Waze application which has up-to-day targeted visitors circumstances.  I told them I was applying Google Maps.  And they claimed that Waze was a lot superior for navigating the Vegas streets through this undertaking, it has far more present-day details.

BTW, I did try out to exploration what particularly this operate on the fifteen was likely to achieve. It was this kind of a mess I was hoping that they have been at least incorporating two lanes in both of those instructions.  But no.  I may perhaps have missed one thing but as finest I can convey to, all they are undertaking is incorporating a single Substantial Occupancy Motor vehicle lane in each individual path.  I will continue to be off my cleaning soap box and let the reader make a decision if the havoc they are wreaking is value that “improvement.”
I guess I received off on a very little tangent there.  Sorry, that is so unlike me.  Anyway, that whole story is reveal that when I drove Lightning to Golden Nugget that Monday evening, I was applying Waze for the very first time.  Because it experienced been endorsed by NDOT, I was absolutely sure that it would give me the great route and that there would be no problems.
Heh heh.  Now, we have been actively playing a 7pm tournament so once yet again I was driving in rush hour targeted visitors.  And consequently Waze told me to acquire floor streets—the fifteen was a parking lot.  At very first it guided me to the identical torn up streets that Google Maps experienced directed me to a number of days earlier.  But then, it did one thing good.  It experienced me generate north on Las Vegas Blvd.  Guess what?  Las Vegas Blvd was the only avenue in the whole county that didn’t have any street construction.  It was great.
I should really point out Las Vegas Blvd is truly the Strip, besides once you get north of Sahara, it is not the Strip any far more, it is just LV Blvd.  Ordinarily I prevent driving on the Strip at all prices, but once you get to exactly where it is no extended the Strip, you can find no inherent reason to prevent driving on it.  In this circumstance, it was terrific.  Now given that it was rush hour there was even now a lot of targeted visitors on it, but the absence of targeted visitors cones was a a relief.
So I was driving north on LV Blvd, as for each Waze.  And I know that I am a number of blocks east of the downtown casinos, at some stage I am likely to have flip left and go west to get exactly where I’m likely.  And absolutely sure adequate, at some stage, Waze tells me to flip left at the future avenue.  So far, so very good.  I oblige, and just after a block it tells me to flip right.  So before long?  I was not that close to downtown.  But I follow orders and then it tells me to flip right.  Huh?  Not only that, it states just after I flip right, I should really flip right on LV Blvd.  What?  That would ship me in particularly the reverse path of exactly where I was headed, and right back to exactly where I arrived from.
I realized that couldn’t be right so I retained likely north on this avenue I was on.  And it retained telling me to flip right at every single avenue, just so I could flip right yet again at LV Blvd.  I began arguing with the damn Waze lady. I’m absolutely sure my pricey, late mom would not have accredited of the language I utilized speaking back to the Waze lady. This was unquestionably amusing Lightning, who also understood that what it was telling me was nonsense. In actuality, he claimed he thought I was about to toss my cellular phone out the window out of stress with the silly application (see below). Now, I suppose, beneath distinct conditions, if we hadn’t experienced a distinct time deadline, I could possibly have viewed as adhering to the Waze app’s nutty guidelines just to see if someway they genuinely experienced a terrific way to go exactly where I was likely that was entirely counterintuitive to everything I realized about the structure of Vegas.  But not this time. I disregarded the bitch, lastly shut the application down, and found the Golden Nugget on my individual.

The 2nd worst poker participant in Vegas that evening
The real tournament went about as properly as applying the Waze application.  It was a $two hundred get-in ($100 each individual), 20-moment levels and an strange structure.  The groups experienced to switch gamers every single 20-minutes.  Nicely the very first participant began with 5K chips, and when the gamers switched at stage two, each individual crew received an additional 5K stack.  The reason for that structure was so that each individual participant on the crew would be ensured of actively playing some.  There was no prospect of the very first participant busting the crew out in the very first stage right before the 2nd teammate would get a prospect to engage in.

The Worst Poker Participant in Vegas

 The challenge with the tournament was the logistics of it.  The 20-moment levels have been quite rapid and at the conclude of each individual stage, every single single participant at every single desk experienced to get up, to be changed by his or her husband or wife.  That truly took a moment or two (or far more) away from real actively playing time.  It was type of a mess modifying companions, the companions experienced to cling close to the desk but the established up of the tournament location in the ballroom was created for standard tournaments, not tournaments with two times as numerous gamers as seats.  The tournament established up was truly rather cozy for standard tournaments.  But it was hugely congested for the tag crew function. Players going into and out of their seats have been continuously bumping into each individual other.  It was a actual Chinese fireplace drill.
I experienced spoken to Andy, the supervisor of the poker area, right before the tourney began.  He told me the logic at the rear of the different setting up stacks.  I also asked him if it was okay for companions to cling around when they were not actively playing and enjoy the motion. He certain me that it was okay, even anticipated.  That didn’t quit the person truly jogging the tournament from announcing at every single crack that gamers not actively playing experienced to very clear the location.  Luckily, no 1 paid interest to this and they did practically nothing to enforce it.
With the levels correctly like fifteen-minutes, it was genuinely critical to rating early and we couldn’t do that.  Lightning preferred me to engage in stage one (since I am the far more professional dwell tournament participant).  I managed to gain 1 smaller pot.  Lightning ran properly on stage two and received our stack up to $twelve,300.  But I didn’t catch a single hand on stage three and then Lightning donked off a ton of chips on stage 4. 
I moved into stage five left with a stack of only $five,900, pretty a lot shove or fold manner.  I shoved pocket 6’s and didn’t get a call.  But when I shoved King-Jack off I ran into pocket Jacks and didn’t hit my 3-outer.  We have been finished.
Fool that I am, I utilized Waze to get back to the Strip.  It told me to acquire the fifteen and I was glad to do it….as messed up as it is, I figured out the difficult way the floor streets have been even even worse. I think NDOT’s real objective is to make Vegas targeted visitors even worse than L.A. targeted visitors and they are properly on their way to succeeding. 
It was a entertaining evening, value using a shot with a distinct style of tourney.  Want we would lasted extended though.

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