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Amongst a Champ and a Tv set Star

For this hand we go back again all the way to the 2009 Earth Collection of Poker Most important Event. It’s nevertheless early in the tournament with the blinds at three hundred/600 and nobody’s even contemplating about the cash spots.

One particular of the players at the desk is Greg Raymer (aka “Fossilman” for the reason that of his fossil card protector and reptile glasses), the previous lawyer who received the full matter in 2004. 

Thanks to his adventurous design Raymer has previously managed to accumulate a ton of chips. He’s sitting down driving additional than one hundred,000 — in excess of 3x the starting off stack of 30,000.

Raymer raises and receives called by Tv set star Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame. And then there is Dennis Baltz.


twenty five Seconds to Eternity

Baltz has not experienced a tournament as excellent as Raymer’s so considerably but now things could transform for the excellent. He’s in the tiny blind, seems at his cards and sees they are both kings.

Consequently he decides to do the suitable matter and announces a re-elevate. The large blind promptly goes out of the way but Raymer is not that straightforward to get rid of.

Raymer four-bets to twenty,000, creating it extremely distinct that he’s keen to play for his full stack. What follows is twenty five seconds that belong to the most mysterious in WSOP history.

Alexander folds but now Baltz starts to tank, which will make the commentators speak about a good piece of Hollywooding. It turns out it is not.

50 % a moment afterwards Baltz demonstrates that he’s obviously extremely sad about Raymer’s shift and, very, he mucks his cards when he need to have fortunately moved them all into the center.

Certainly, Norman Chad was not the only one who couldn’t believe that his eyes. While there are arguably spots where a pre-flop fold with kings can be correct, when you’re four-guess and perhaps squeezed, that’s obviously not one of them. Watch for yourself in the video clip down below.

ps. While Baltz sports some Entire Tilt Poker products here, we don’t know if he ever took component in a large tournament yet again. We couldn’t locate any benefits, either.

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