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This story took put my second 7 days in Vegas last month.  For causes that will turn out to be distinct soon, I really required to get this posted although the WSOP was nevertheless likely on, but it failed to operate out that way.  You know how it goes—you are not able to normally get what you want.  I also required to marry Kate Upton, but by some means Justin Verlander beat me to her, the bastard.

Again then, Lightning was in city.  He experienced been taking part in poker all working day although I was doing work.  He experienced arranged to meet up with up with VegasDWP that evening and play at the Wynn.  So right after I concluded doing work, I headed over to the Wynn to be part of them.
This currently being the middle of the collection (and of course, Wynn experienced their collection likely on, the Wynn Classic), the put was really busy.  Lightning and DWP had been previously taking part in, but they couldn’t get the same table.  So DWP was previously on the listing to transfer to Lightning’s game.  When I finally acquired referred to as to a game, I instructed them to set me on the transfer listing to Lightning’s game as well.
At this place in my vacation, I experienced been fairly substantially card lifeless the whole time.  Items failed to adjust this night at the Wynn.  I was hoping that possibly transferring to Lightning’s table would convey me some good playing cards finally, but no 1 was leaving his table, and for a extensive time the 3 of us had been all stuck at different tables.
The only table involving us that at any time experienced vacant seats was my table.  At 1 place, seat nine opened up, and I noticed a participant heading for it.  As he approached, I recognized he appeared familiar.  Quite familiar.  By the time he took his seat at the game, I recognized that this person was the spitting graphic of notorious “speech-play” professional William Kassouf. 
You remember Kassouf, right?  The person who became notorious because of 1 individual poker hand that was revealed endlessly from the WSOP in 2016.  The “exhibit” he set on was so noteworthy that I in fact did a publish speaking about it, which you can obtain listed here.  If you just want to see the hand that induced all the fuss, you can obtain it listed here.
I was sitting down in seat two, far away from him, but gentleman it guaranteed appeared like him.  I required to get a second and 3rd belief, so I texted each Lightning and DWP  that I suspected Kassouf was at my table and for them to see for by themselves.  The each did and agreed it did glimpse like Kassouf.
Properly in the beginning, I couldn’t listen to just about anything he was expressing over the noise in the space, but at some point I heard his voice, that unique British accent, and I recognized that there was a superior motive it appeared like Kassouf. It was Kassouf!

Now my before publish about him was very crucial of his schtick.  And I’ve outlined in other posts that I alternatively hate taking part in in opposition to fellas who like to speak to me when the action is on me—when gamers have interaction in just the sort of speech-play that Kassouf is well known for.  You can obtain a publish about that listed here.  So my preliminary response to possessing Kassouf at my table was “Ugh.  Can I get that table adjust expedited, you should?”
But I was a little bit ambivalent because I am normally on the hunt for superior blogging material and it did happen to me that this character could very easily provide me with some thing to write about.
I experienced rarely played a hand before he arrived and not substantially altered right after he acquired there.  I was just so card lifeless.
Kassouf manufactured his existence felt fairly substantially straight away.  He opened pots and was betting larger than what experienced been the normal opening for this table.  Commonly when I play 1/three at the Wynn, gamers open to $12 or possibly $15.  It really is not unconventional nevertheless to see scaled-down openings.  But when there are aggros at the table, suddenly you see openings for $twenty or $25.  Kassouf opened for $15 or $twenty, if not $25.  And until finally he experienced gotten there, a good deal of the moments the pot experienced been opened for $10 or much less.
As quickly as he set out his initially $twenty open, the person to my still left, an more mature gentleman with a large stack, stated to him, “Why are you betting so large?”  Kassouf stated, “What?  It really is not so large.”  I am very guaranteed that the person experienced no strategy who Kassouf was.
These two developed a running dialog, typically with the person upcoming to me complaining about the dimension of Kassouf’s bets.  But of course that did not nothing at all to have an impact on Kassouf’s bet sizing.  I will say nevertheless, that right after awhile, when a lot of of his opening raises went uncalled, he pulled again a very little and begun opening for regular quantities.  To be honest, he in some cases limped and sure, there had been moments he even folded preflop.
Early on, when he manufactured a large increase right after the flop and all people folded, the girl on my right stated, “Oh wow, he should have experienced a large hand.”  The person on my still left stated, “No, he experienced completely nothing at all.”  I suspect he was right.  Oh yeah, he was also fairly aggro right after the flop, of course.
When the seat to his right opened up, the new participant in it elevated his initially hand.  This really pleased Kassouf.  “Oh initially hand, you’re previously into it?  Yeah, yeah.  Like a manager!”  I of course cracked up but no 1 else reacted.
There was 1 time exactly where he really acted like the Kassouf from that WSOP hand.  It was publish-flop, probably on the river, not guaranteed, and the person on his right manufactured a relatively small bet.  Kassouf shoved.  It was very the overbet while the person who bet originally failed to have everywhere close to the chipstack Kassouf experienced and they had been heads up.
The person went into the tank.  “I really don’t know….I really don’t know.”  So Kassouf stated, “Properly, tell me what you have and I am going to tell you if you should really call…..You can tell me what you have.”  Yeah, he really stated that.  I really don’t remember the board, but he stated, “Do you have a 10?  If you have a 10 you should really undoubtedly call.”  Of course this still left the person entirely befuddled.  Kassouf held it up, inquiring what the person experienced, and making recommendations.  “Properly if you have a 10 you should really call for guaranteed.”  He likely outlined some other playing cards much too, I are not able to recall.  I believe that he also suggested some situations exactly where he encouraged folding.
But of course it still left the very poor person hopelessly confused.  And so he folded.  And then Kassouf questioned him what he folded.  He instructed him, but I failed to listen to what he stated.  And then Kassouf stated, “It was a superior fold, it was a really superior fold.”  Someway I suspect it was likely the even worse fold in the historical past of poker.
When he acquired folds he would usually questioned what they folded and normally tell them they manufactured superior laydowns.  One time a person instructed him he folded top rated pair, top rated kicker.  Kassouf appeared a very little shocked.  “Person, if you laid that down, that’s a really superior fold!”  Again, I suspect that it was a really terrible fold.
Obviously, every time his bets did get referred to as, he managed to have the items.  One hand he opened large, was 3-bet, he shoved, the person snap-referred to as and Kassouf flipped over two Kings.  The other person failed to exhibit and at some point missing the pot.
One of the dealers was telling him about the wild action at the PLO game so he acquired set on the listing for that.  And he was referred to as to it before I was referred to as to Lightning’s game.  So that was the conclusion of my evening with Mr. Kassouf.
I experienced exciting when I finally joined Lightning and DWP, but I remained card lifeless the whole time, so really no hands of mine truly worth creating about.
As for Kassouf, I have to acknowledge that he is really not a terrible person.  I really don’t like his poker practices but he appeared like a good fellow and was just out to have some exciting (and get some cash).  Most likely a exciting person to have a beer with.  But a rough participant to play in opposition to and I do consider he pushes his verbal practices a little bit much too far.

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