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Saturday I had a session out in Ventura.  The match was 2/3 NL, the buy-in was $300 and of system I obtained accused of remaining Gus Hansen.
Yes, Gus Hansen, the famous poker professional from Denmark.
It was a little bit of a shock mainly because I do not generally get bewildered with a Danish individual.  Or for that issue, a expert poker player.  Or even a fantastic poker player.
Perfectly, technically, which is not really true. I have been told on many instances I glance like Gabe Kaplan. I believe Gabe was at the time regarded as a expert poker player, but I am not confident he is any more.
But it can be variety of irrelevant mainly because the individual who requested me if I was Gus Hansen was not referring to my bodily look but to my poker skills.
Allow me know when you halt laughing. The person was just messing close to mainly because I gained a pot from him.  I believe.
He was a little bit of maniac as a player and a little bit eccentric as a individual.  A middle-aged European (most likely on the superior side of middle age), I would absolutely seen him prior to but it had been a fantastic very long time considering the fact that I would performed with him and my memory of him was vague.
But when I obtained to the desk he was enjoying really aggressively, with recurrent and large preflop raises and some huge bets on the later on streets and, at least at first, a reluctance to fold.
When he shed all his chips (contacting off his stack on a draw that he missed), he quieted down a little bit.  And considering the fact that he had been there for awhile prior to I obtained there, I have no plan if he had most likely rebought more than at the time prior to I showed up.
But the fantastic information is that I gained some pots and after the next or third he mentioned to me, “Who are you?  Gus Hansen?”  I just laughed.  Then he requested, “Do you know who Gus Hansen is?”  I mentioned of system I did.  I have no plan why he picked Gus Hansen.  I am confident very little I did resembled his match, and I unquestionably do not glance like him.  It was weird but mildly amusing.
The photograph down below is not Gus Hansen.  I believed of which include a pic of Gus with this post, but then I believed my visitors are refined poker fans who know what Gus Hansen seems like (in case you do not, you can simply click on the connection to Gus’s Wikipedia site that I supplied).  I am confident there should be a Danish individual my visitors would instead glance at than Gus, handsome as is.  I chose Danish swimsuit model Nina Agdal.  Hey, when you do your personal poker website and write a post about Gus Hansen, you can use a photograph of Gus Hansen. I do issues my way.

I gained a compact pot with top rated pair, top rated kicker, then I was dealt Ace-nine on the button.  A several gamers had termed $7 and considering the fact that I had position I termed too.  Then the compact blind made it $23.  Two others termed prior to it obtained again to me.  I made a decision to come together.
The flop was Jack-ten-8, rainbow.  The compact blind bet $twenty five and it folded to me.  Very simple phone with the open-ender.  The switch was a wonderful 7.  This time the compact blind checked and I bet $sixty.  He tanked and folded          
I opened to $fifteen below-the-gun with two Queens. I obtained two callers, which include my European friend.  The flop was Jack-superior and I bet $forty.  The two gamers termed.  A further Jack strike the switch.  This time I checked.  It checked via.  The river was still an additional Jack.  There was no way both of them had the case Jack, I believed.  I would have read from them when I checked the switch.  So I led out for $55.  Up coming to act, my European friend counted out chips.  At first I wasn’t confident if he was going to phone or increase, mainly because the way he stacked out his chips it appeared like he may well have desired to match it and set out a even bigger bet.  But he failed to act and then he tanked endlessly.  I failed to believe this person was the Hollywooding sort so I was not seriously anxious he was placing on act trying to induce me to phone a increase with him sitting on quad Jacks.  I could perception the fellow next to him was eager to fold.
Finally European man did fold, and the fellow next to me right away mucked.  As I started off stacking my chips, he mentioned, “Did you have an Ace or far better?”  I just smiled.  “I almost termed.  I had a four.” (There was a four on the board).  I just nodded. I think this was the instant he requested me if I was Gus Hansen.
I suppose after this next hand I really should have requested him if he was Phil Ivey.  In the huge blind with King-Queen off there was no increase and I just checked.  The flop was King-5-3, and I led out for $ten, two phone calls which include the European.  The switch was a 6 and I bet $twenty, both termed.  The river was a four. Four to a straight out there, I checked.  He counted out $75 and bet.  Again to me.  I certain myself that he was betting that a great deal mainly because I checked the river and he was trying to steal it. But I also understood that this person performs a extensive range and could display up with everything.  I just could not discover the fold, and basically, I seriously believed I was earning a fantastic phone.  But he flipped around pocket 4’s, for a rivered set. Jeez.  He pointed out that he was open ended on the switch. I am confident Gus Hansen would not have made that slip-up.
Then I obtained pocket Aces in the huge blind.  There have been a bunch of limpers, no person raised.  So I included $twenty to my $3 blind. I obtained two callers  The flop was Ace-3-3.  Yahtzee!  I figured when you flop a boat, particularly with pocket Aces, you have to gradual play it, so I checked. No one else bet.  By the way, the European wasn’t in this hand. The switch was the third club and I was of system hoping someone had a flush.  The compact blind led out for $twenty five, thankfully.  Did he make his flush?  I wasn’t confident whether to phone or increase.  I made a decision to just phone hoping the third player would come together.  Luckily he did.  The river was a blank but this time the player on my ideal checked.  Damn.  I clearly had to bet, so I set out $50.  The first person folded right away, the other folded after a several seconds.  Bummer.  I guess he failed to have a flush.  Perhaps he was just trying to steal it mainly because I checked the flop?  It was nonetheless a awesome pot but of system I was hoping for more.
I would had a very long day prior to I even obtained to the poker place so I was all set to wrap it up.  I opened to $fifteen with Ace-Queen suited and obtained just one phone.  The flop missed me but I took it with a $twenty five c-bet.
Before long thereafter I racked up and the European requested me why I was dwelling so quickly.  I just shrugged and mentioned to him, “When I see Gus Hansen I will say hi there to him for you.”  He laughed.
I booked a $one hundred twenty five acquire, which was great, but not practically as fantastic as Gus would have done.

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