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There’s a heroic excellent to women of all ages who be successful in poker’s intensely male-dominated market. It behooves us to express our appreciation to them for their attempts, and to inform their tales, so that more women of all ages (and guys!) can be impressed to achieve significant issues. A single such inspirational female is Nataly Sopacuaperu, Unibet Open’s Head of Reside Functions. I met her previous week in Bucharest, in which she was functioning the demonstrate, guaranteeing that 1000’s of poker gamers who had descended on the Romanian capital were acquiring a great time.

Exciting-loving and deeply passionate about the sport of poker, Nataly has a commanding presence about her, honed by pretty much a ten years of knowledge operating for Unibet’s parent company, Kindred Group. We spoke several moments during the week, but it was around the system of this twenty-minute job interview in which I felt I got to know her most effective. I hope you take pleasure in learning about her and her completed career.

Nataly Sopacuaperu

You are the Head of Reside Functions and Sponsorship at Kindred Group, which is the parent company of Unibet. How very long have you held that posture, and how very long have you been with Unibet total?

I’ve been at Unibet for close to nine many years, likely on 10. I begun out as an account manager for Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. That was the first time that I got in contact with the Unibet Open at Unibet Open up Algarve, in 2009. Straightaway I was blown away by all these gamers who were so passionate about poker. I wanted to fully grasp the sport a little bit greater I attempted to fully grasp the poker lingo and the dynamic of the sport, how all the things labored, the guidelines and all the things.

So I researched it a bit, asked a lot of concerns to the poker media, whoever was close to me, to the poker staff, and to the gamers as very well. I liked it so significantly and I begun falling in adore with the sport myself. Then, in 2013, the preceding Head of Functions remaining, and I thought Ok, probably I should give it a shot. I used for the occupation, and that is when I grew to become Head of Functions.

So, what does your common working day appear like in the course of a Unibet Open up function, and how does that distinction to the working day-to-working day desk occupation, like in your place of work?

Nicely, in advance of the function, it can take about 10 to twelve months to get ready. So, I try out to get all the things in spot. We’re providing away comprehensive packages on the net, which means that we are getting treatment of all the hotel rooms, we are getting treatment of the get-togethers, we’re getting treatment of all the items, we’re building guaranteed that we have the proper spouse to perform with, casino spouse to perform with. We’re building guaranteed that all the facts are in spot, generally. At the function itself, it’s like 5 times of madness, I would say.

You never slumber significantly.

No, we never slumber significantly. That is why you try out to make guaranteed that all the things that you’ve planned for, that it’s currently being executed very well. I like each sides. I like the making ready, due to the fact you have to be very resourceful, you have to determine out, you have to drive a fair system, but I like as very well to be at the close due to the fact ultimately all the things arrives with each other and you get to meet the gamers. It’s seriously awesome.

So, the employment that you had prior to signing up for Unibet seriously didn’t have anything to do with poker. What is it about poker especially that got you curious about the sport?

I think, it’s a psychological sport, so when you start out studying about it or when folks start out telling you about it, it’s not just two playing cards in your hand in Texas Hold’em I indicate. I thought, how tricky can it be? But then you start out trying to fully grasp the guidelines, and what you can do, and also you have to strategize, do budget management you have to system. You have to determine out how to go through folks. There’s so several elements and components that appear with each other that you also have in daily lifestyle. That fascinates me so significantly.

You are a very interesting person. You are Dutch, and you dwell in London now, but your previous identify – Sopacuaperu – it does not seem Dutch or British. You communicate 5 languages: Dutch, English, French, German, and Malay. So, can you give us a bit of track record about your loved ones and how you are so worldly?

My grandparents are from the Maluku Islands, in Indonesia. That is the southeast of Indonesia, it’s like an archipelago of islands. My grandparents went to Holland in the 50s, and I’m generally the third generation in Holland.

Very interesting. And how do you communicate all of those people languages?

Nicely, Dutch is my mother tongue and generally anyone in Holland speaks English, so that is two. I was born and raised with the Malay language, so I just communicate it with my loved ones. German and French is what you get in school. So that was primary things. I can support myself when I get into those people countries and I can order some drinks or foods.

That is very interesting, and certainly very valuable in a job like yours, dealing with so several folks close to Europe.

Yeah, when it arrives down to cultures and so on, it’s very valuable.

When I and several other folks think “Dutch” and “poker,” we think of some great media fellas like Frank Op de Woerd at PokerNews and Remko Rinkema of Poker Central. They’ve been in the market endlessly. When you were breaking into the enterprise, did you build any type of connection with them?

Yeah, they assisted me a lot. In 2009, when I begun at this function I met them, and my colleague, Greg told me “if you seriously, seriously want to learn about the sport, you need to have to adhere to those people two fellas.” I did. I referred to as them on Skype sometimes in the evening when I was actively playing, inquiring “What does this indicate? What does that indicate?” At least with them I could check with them without currently being ridiculed. I could just check with them like, what is a straddle? And they were often satisfied to support me out.

This is a funny story due to the fact the first time when I met them and we were in Algarve and they were sitting at the poker table, and I pretty much didn’t know anything about it, and I didn’t want anybody to comprehend that. Then they put the button on the table and I asked them how significantly it was worthy of. They were laughing and then I laughed as very well I claimed that was a joke. It was not a joke.

That is an wonderful story. So you certainly, section of your teaching to get into poker, you begun studying some poker books and actively playing, of system. Do you continue to play? If so, how usually? On-line, dwell?

No, I stopped actively playing a bit when I begun the occupation as Head of Functions due to the fact then I have to discuss about poker all the time—structures, starting up stacks, and I have to put tournaments with each other and all those people form of issues. So at some position it got to be a bit too significantly. I miss out on it. This year, I performed in the the #QueenRules function for the first time soon after a very very long time.

Nataly Sopacuaperu

On Twitter, you are @MissBeep. What does that nickname stand for?

Nicely, when I begun to make my social media accounts, you continue to had to use your email deal with. My surname is very very long and I got worn out of typing it all the time. So that is how I moved to Skip Beep.

Your Twitter bio claims that you ran in the New York City Marathon previous year. That is an wonderful accomplishment. How very long have you been into functioning, and what was it like teaching for the marathon?

A pair of many years in the past, I begun to operate like 5k or one thing. I did a few races, and then previous year, in 2017 in the beginning of the year, I felt like I needed to do one thing out of my comfort and ease zone. My buddy wanted to operate the New York Marathon and she asked if I wanted to do it with her? And I was like, “ah, no.” And then I thought about it, and, very well, it was a great prospect to do one thing out of my comfort and ease zone, along with all the rewards that appear with it, like currently being in shape, you start out to have a balanced life style, and all those people sorts of issues. So, I made a decision to say indeed. I smoked, and then I stopped using tobacco as very well, I gave up and all the things and yeah, I did it

Also, I got hurt six months in advance of, and that was tricky. I took a physio, and she recommended me that I could do it even while I’d be in a lot of suffering.

I discovered a lot of lessons from that, really, in the marathon itself that anything is probable.

Let us discuss a little bit about your job here at the Unibet Open up. You operate four functions just about every year?

Certainly. Four functions just about every year inside Europe. We’ve operate a pair functions exterior of Europe for our fifth anniversary in St. Maarten and tenth anniversary in Las Vegas.

How do you determine in which you are likely to be keeping each function?

There are hundreds of elements, components that make you take the conclusions. To start with of all, if you, you appear at what form of vacation spot it is, summer months or wintertime – is it a town trip, like how can we market this? Also, we have to go to the marketplaces in which we have a license, of system. And then we try out to gauge in which we think gamers would like to go, as very well as make sure the vacation spot has quick accessibility from locations throughout Europe. So we even analyze how several flights appear in to opportunity places from many European countries.

That is a proper statistical assessment, yup. I’ve go through in other interviews you’ve finished that soon after just about every function, you deliver surveys to the gamers who have participated. I never think I’ve ever heard of that currently being finished in advance of. So, why did you feel the need to have to make that? What type of concerns do you check with, and what do you do with the suggestions?

Most of the time you do one thing based on your gut. Our survey acts as a seriously awesome way for the gamers to give their suggestions and a way that they can give their views on all the things. Also when you perform with casinos, inns, and all the other companions, you try out to determine out what do they like or never they like, etc.

So, in the surveys we get a lot of precious info. We get info, for case in point, on the excellent of the sellers, if they like them, if they like the foods at the hotel, if they like the hotel on its have, if they like the places, if they like the get-togethers. There are also open packing containers in which they can fill give further suggestions.

I go through all of their ideas and remarks. Just about every solitary one. In addition, we also appear at the studies to see in which we can strengthen all the things we do. So, for case in point, if you go to Bucharest for the third time, you can analyze whether specified issues labored or didn’t perform how we could get specified figures up. If one thing does not perform, we can examine why.

So yeah, for me, I indicate, regardless of what we do, it’s all about the gamers. It’s not about us, it’s about the players’ life, what they want, and this is I think a seriously great way to capture these info.

I was snooping close to on your LinkedIn profile and I came throughout some of the recommendations that folks have given you around the many years. Listed here are some of the issues that folks have claimed about you:

  • “A imaginative and concentrated professional”
  • “A hurricane drive with an iron will”
  • “Knows how to perform in a staff and make perform fulfilling and enjoyable for anyone involved”
  • “When given the choice among sending an email or buying up the cell phone, she will often choose the latter, guaranteeing the get in touch with is often individual and immediate.”

Those people are very flattering terms, and it speaks to your incredible talents, several of which I’ve witnessed on display here at the Unibet Open up in Bucharest. Those people phrases position to an extrovert style of individuality, which of system tends to make perception given your job in what your occupation calls for. But you told me that you are more of an introvert. So how does an introvert get this job, and get into this style of a job?

When you get into a management job, which is what it is, really, everybody has got their have style of design. It took a although to fully grasp what mine was. I’ve been surrounded by great leaders, and I try out to determine out, like Ok, what is effective for them and what is effective for me. So based on that, I’ve also spoken to folks who are introverts, who are leaders, and that is great due to the fact you can mirror you. You fully grasp that it’s not outrageous that soon after just about every function you are exhausted, due to the fact you have to be extrovert then. I think it’s very essential that you can adapt you to the condition in which you have to be significant, and sometimes be small. So for case in point, when I have to open an function, I have to make myself significant.

Sure, and you are on the microphone and asserting, guaranteed.

But then again, if you have like one-to-one, then you have to make you small again. And you can educate you to do these issues. And you can also determine out for you what is effective or does not perform.

Nataly Sopacuaperu
Nataly on the mic, flanked by Unibet Open up event director Kenny Hallaert. (Picture credit: Tambet Kask)

That is a great answer. So you claimed twelve-fifteen months of preparing for these functions, followed by 5 times of not sleeping and craziness. What do you do to decompress and unwind when you are not operating or soon after an extreme dwell function?

Netflix. That is one of the issues I do due to the fact it’s on my have. And yeah, when you are acquiring older as very well, you want to be with your loved ones and pals way more than I think when you start out off in building a career, I’d say, so that those people form of things can get remaining driving and dropped a lot of priority as very well. So, hanging close to with pals and loved ones.

As the Head of Reside Functions, you are the most visible person here in phrases of the staff at the Unibet Open up. But, it is a staff, soon after all. Why never you discuss a little bit about the staff and what it’s like operating with the men and women who are section of that staff.

Yeah, that is the one factor I often like to emphasize as very well. Of system, I’m the one who was walking close to, but very little can be finished without an extraordinary staff driving me or with me, I would say. It’s an honor to perform with gifted folks and to get the most effective out of them and to perform with each other and provide the Unibet Open up to the benchmarks that we have these times. I think that there are just a few poker excursions that have lasted for a longer period than 10 many years, and we are one of them. But that can only be finished if you have a seriously great staff close to you.

And what style of qualities do you typically appear for when folks are making use of for positions to sign up for this staff?

I think it’s very essential to in shape in the loved ones as very well a bit. And so what I indicate by that is that we perform very tricky, we play very tricky. We get to know each other very very well. So it’s very essential due to the fact, how we perform, you have to perform with each other. And it’s 5 extreme times and of system all that prep beforehand. So it’s seriously essential that we get along.

Unibet Open team
Nataly (heart) addressing the Unibet Open up staff at the conclusion of the Bucharest festival

So for our previous issue. Most of my audience at Cardplayer Way of living is US-based, and likely haven’t been to too several poker functions in Europe in advance of. Let us hear your elevator pitch as to why they should take into consideration getting a trip throughout the pond to go to a Unibet Open up function at some position in the long term.

Nicely, if they’d like to have a awesome poker vacation, in which all the things is concentrated on a great knowledge, then this would be the one.

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